Kick the Clutter Paced Program

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You're stressed, I know.

Want to know one of the MAIN reasons?!


Yes, the physical presence of clutter is manifesting physical stress within you.

True story, girl.

In just 4 short weeks, you are going to go from a hot mess to balance and blessed by kicking all that physical B.S. that's weighing you down out of the house [for good].

This self-paced program allows you to go at your own speed, so you start when you're ready!

This will be completed in 3 Phases over 4 Weeks:

1. Gathering

2. Discarding

3. Organizing

Program includes the following:

  • One pre-recorded video including detailed presentation on how I did it efficiently, effectively AND with children present (it's possible, for real)
  • Each week will have checklists so you can make sure you are KILLING it like the boss babe I know you are
  • BONUS: At the end of the program, you'll receive training on maintenance mode so you can be ensured to keep up on it and NEVER have to do the process over again
  • BONUS #2: You'll also get mindset training on how to present your home in a way that reflects you and how to stop overspending on things that don't bring you joy (this is the value of the whole program right here!)

It's time to go from stressed to balanced and blessed, and it all begins WITHIN your home with the Kick the Clutter Paced Program.

Program will be dropped directly to your inbox, so no need to wait!

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A Perfectly Organized Home in Just 4 Weeks! (Plus Customized Options)


Kick the Clutter Paced Program

0 ratings