Pursue Your Passion Workshop

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Are you struggling finding your purpose and just live day to day?

Even as mothers, we need to find something that sets our souls on fire and get creative on finding ways to fit it into our chaotic lifestyles (don't worry, this will be addressed).

Life is about self-fulfillment and we all need it, especially us moms. 

And now it's time to help you find yours.

That's why I created a fun and interactive LIVE workshop where we all dive in together on your thoughts, dreams and potential for future growth.

Within this workshop you will receive:

-Downloadable worksheet to start determining your passions and what you wish to pursue

Day 1: Live Recorded Zoom dives into finding your passion

Day 2: Live Recorded Zoom dives into how we can make time for your passion

Day 3: Live Recorded Zoom dives into how to pursue your passion in just 30 days

-Downloadable workbook on taking your passion to the next phase

Now it's time to find out who you are and what you want out of life. This is your vision, it's time to make a step forward for YOU.

The FIRST 10, also get placed in a 'THINK TANK' where we dive into your passions and think outside the box on how we can live them consistently daily and make it lucrative!

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Find your passion, make time for your passion, pursue your passion.

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Pursue Your Passion Workshop

0 ratings