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The Daughter Diaries, Inc.
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We are often full of great ideas but don’t know how to take it, launch it and grow it into a fully operational and successful business.

Maybe you’ve launched, but aren’t seeing the success you desire, so now it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

That’s why The Daughter Diaries has brought together the experts from their industries for you to learn and grow your hustle.

From creating your vision and building your brand, to building your audience and extending your outreach, we help you financially afford your business and find a way to fit it into your lifestyle with systems that work.

Our Guest Speakers Include:

Alisa Manjarrez, Vision Producer from The Happy Cactus

Kevin Dakin, Graphic Designer & Developer from Kevin Dakin

Morgan Dakin, Social Media Director from Morgan Alexis Social

Erica Magarian, Outreach Director from Magarian Creative Solutions

Michael Manjarrez, Wealth Adviser from Whelan Financial

Lisa Autry, Founder & CEO, The Daughter Diaries, Inc.

In this 90-minute workshop, we will be helping you grow your idea into a successful business, whether you are just starting out or already on the road.

Grab your coffee or mimosa and your brunch basics and catch this instant replay jam-packed full of amazing information on building your business for a strong future.

Segment 1: Building Your Vision

Segment 2: Building Your Brand

Segment 3: Building Your Audience

Segment 4: Building Your Outreach

Segment 5: Building Your Financial Foundation

Segment 6: Building Your Systems & Boundaries

We know building a business is hard, but you have our team by your side guiding you on your right way forward.

It’s time to be the BOSS of your business.

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And we have plenty of fun takeaways for you to continue to grow your business with.

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90-minute workshop and tons of takeaways on how to build your business the right way!

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Business Systems

Building Your Business Over Brunch Seminar - Instant Access

0 ratings
I want this!