Financially Fit Bootcamp

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You're invited to conquer your financial struggles...

Welcome to the Financially Fit Bootcamp, the self-paced event to learn how to conquer your money mental blocks, decrease the debt and learn how to leverage your income for your dreams.

You can have more money in your bank account to enjoy today and be secure in the future and I will be showing you how during this 90-minute Bootcamp.

In this Bootcamp, we will be discussing on a deeper level our mindset around money and how to decrease the debt while increasing the income. I will be teaching you about my applied energy technique to create tangible goals with your money.

Segment 1: Getting over your mindset hurdles when it comes to money and getting clear with your financial goals

Segment 2: Gaining clarity over your current income and expenses / debts

Segment 3: How to determine effective action with your debt and leveraging your income

Segment 3: Creating SMART Goals with your money

Segment 4: How to tie it all together for success

When you purchase this bootcamp, I will also be giving your GROW which is my foundation for financially fitness in the mindset.

What's included:

  • Self-paced recorded Bootcamp and workbook
  • BONUS: GROW Course and Workbook
  • BONUS: Resource page

What is GROW?

Your foundation for financial fitness

I designed this short but impactful audio course and workbook exclusively with you in mind.

With this audio training, you'll learn: 

  • Understand how your financial mindset impacts your reality
  • Gain clarity around where your money is really going
  • Understand how to use the GROW acronym for your financial success

It's time to make lasting positive changes with how you feel about money and how you interact with it. It's easier than you think!

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90-minute Live Bootcamp and GROW Course

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Financially Fit Bootcamp

0 ratings